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  • mental health

  • personal growth

  • body image

  • self love

  • technology

  • environmental issues

  • self care 

"Kenzie and had worked together on a few different small initiatives prior to her remarkably engaging keynote at our National Jack Summit. With 200 young leaders coming together from every province and territory across Canada, it can be hard to relate to and capture all of their attention. Leave it to Kenzie, she had no problem making a significant impact on each delegate and staff. Kenzie was able to put smiles on everyone's faces, and more importantly, light a fire in their eyes. She helped us all understand that making change doesn’t mean doing something big, it just means doing your small part, together. If you’re in need of a powerful and relevant speaker, Kenzie Brenna has you covered!"​


Vice president

"Kenzie Brenna is an exceptional individual and role model.  She is true to herself and to everyone who knows her.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kenzie over the past few years and she is always enlightening with her knowledge and experiences.  She has a compassionate and gentle personality that makes you automatically warm to her.  Kenzie is a wonderful articulate speaker that exudes confidence and composure in front of any size of group, while engaging them to thoughtful conversations.

Kim Duffy

Founder of Waterstone

"Kenzie was the featured speaker at one of our signature Sarnia Speaks events in November 2019.


I was blown away with how well spoken and knowledgeable Kenzie was. She spoke about her experience with eating disorders and finding self love with such grace and intelligence. The audience was captivated with every word she spoke.


Kenzie is just as kind and personable on stage as she is off. She is truly a one of a kind human and we were beyond thrilled and honoured to have her come to Sarnia!"

danielle cooper

Founder of sarnia speaks