So, you want to spice things up?

good, samesies.

you need help with:




telling your story

let me offer:

professional feedback

diversity knowledge

storytelling assistance

marketing strategies

whether you have a following of 200, 200,000 or 2 million, we all have influence.

we all want to tell our stories creatively, intelligently and honestly.

sometimes we get stuck. whether that's with content or growth.

I can help you along.

not sure yet? let's get in touch :)

I am very grateful for Kenzie Brenna's knowledge and guidance around social media. Kenzie has an empathetic eye and a gift when it comes to understanding audience wants and needs. She has helped numerous brands step into the 21st century by guiding them on diversity and inclusivity. Over the years, Kenzie and I have partnered on multiple projects, and I'm thankful for her brilliance and meaningful work that ensures every collaboration she's involved in makes audiences feel welcome, seen, heard, and validated.

dana suchow, founder + educator